Installing APC (3.1.6) on WAMP (64 bit)

My dev machine has 64bit wampserver installed on windows 7 (MSVC9 (Visual C++ 2008) , Thread Safe, x64). I wanted a caching solution that works well with this setup – As of this writing, APC is the only 64 bit option available.

Get the precompiled TS dll from here (In the comments posted on this page, you will find a link to php_apc.dll without memprotect). Save it in your php “ext” directory.

Add the following line to your php.ini file :


Restart apache web server..browse your phpinfo page, and it should have a section for APC – The defaults work fine for a test server setup.

Next, setup the admin page – this will help you view/clear your variable cache(s):

  • Download apc.php from here
  • Save it in your webfolder as apc.php
  • Edit apc.php. Change the admin password (from the default ‘password’ to any string of your liking):

defaults(‘ADMIN_USERNAME’,’apc’);             // Admin Username
defaults(‘ADMIN_PASSWORD’,’pAssW0rd’);      // Admin Password – CHANGE THIS TO ENABLE!!!


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