Netgear WPN111 (108 Mbps) Rangemax USB Wireless Adapter

I picked up one of these units (refurb) to go with my Dell Zino. I was a little skeptic because of the numerous negative reviews online. However, so far, I am very happy with it- No overheating issues or dropped signals. The adapter maintains a steady (‘Good’) signal from my router that is about 30 ft away(behind a wall).

If I had gone with the Dell 1397 wireless B/G card, I would have only gotten 54Mbps (max). However, since I have a WPN824V3 wireless router, coupling it with the WPN111 gives me 108Mbps (Max)!

My OS is Windows 7 (32 bit), and I let windows download the required drivers (of course, you will need to be connected to the internet in order for this to happen). I recommend *against* downloading the drivers from the Netgear site. The wireless tool that gets installed just complicates matters without providing any new features.

Now, note that the 108 Mbps is ONLY obtained when you do large file transfers between connected computers in your home network. (For example, another computer on your windows 7 ‘homegroup’). Remember, no other non-rangemax wireless device should be operational on the network (or, the speed drops back to 54Mbps).

1. Snapshot of wireless status taken while browsing Youtube:


2. Snapshot taken while viewing video stored on a computer in my homegroup/lan:



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