Moving on From Live Spaces

I have been using Windows Spaces for almost a year now and have been waiting patiently for several feature improvements.. Most notably

  1. Ability for anonymous users to leave comments
  2. Better statistics reporting
  3. Greater degree of support from Non IE browsers

Today, I decided that it is time to move on to a better service. After lots of searching, I finally landed on “WordPress”. I thought I would have a hard time exporting my posts from spaces( but this website has very good information on porting blogs out of Live Spaces.

1. Go into your Spaces account – General settings and change the default date format to mm/dd/yy like so:


2. Download the ‘live-space-mover’ application. This contains the python file that emits XML for our import process

3. Download Python 2.6.2 Windows installer. Accept the default settings and install Python on your computer. The python interpreter is required to execute .py files. It installed to C:\Python26 on my computer. This directory location is important!

4. Download the ‘BeautifulSoup’ python parser. This is a library that is invoked from live-space-mover to actually go to the spaces site and download blogs (the XML file just contains hyperlinks). I used version 3.0.6 and it worked perfectly!

5. Now, Move the BeautifulSoup file and the ‘’ file into the C:\Python26 folder like so:


6. Open a command window (start->run->cmd) and navigate to C:\Python26. Then, type in the following command:

python -s

If the process ran correctly, you will get a ‘success’ message and an XML file will be created in the directory C:\Python26. (If there was an error message regarding the date/time format, please make sure you executed Step 1 correctly.

7. Once you have the XML file, you are ready to have WordPress import your Spaces blogs. Create an account at

8. After logging in to to your account, in the dashboard, click on Tools->Import


9. Click on ‘Wordpress’. Then Click on the ‘Browse’ button and point to the newly created XML file (from step6)


10. Click on ‘Upload file and Import’ button.. All your blog postings will be transferred over!

If you are looking for an awesome client to help manage your blogs, look no further.. download Windows Live Writer. It is capable of interacting with various blogging services and WordPress is one of them. Happy blogging!


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