WICD on Ubuntu (Intrepid)

I was having the hardest time using wireless on my laptop (running Ubuntu 8.10).
My wireless router is configured to use WEP and the Network Manager applet on Ubuntu by default manages the WEP key  using the ‘Seahorse’ keyring manager.
Everytime during startup, the keyring manager would prompt for password in order to connect to the internet. Surprisingly, even the correct admin password would not work sometimes.. Now this was a real pain.
After reading countless message boards, I found out that the way to wireless bliss on Ubuntu is to switch from Network Manager to WICD (Pronounced ‘Wicked’).
Within about 5 minutes of fiddling with Wicd (and uninstalling Network Manager), I was connected to my wireless! And no annoying prompts on boot up! It works perfectly (even after suspend/hibernate!)
WICD does not use Seahorse.. The key is instead stored in a file /etc/wicd/wireless-settings.conf (Ofcourse with permissions set at 600). It is really lightweight and has no GNOME dependencies. I strongly recommend WICD to anyone having wireless problems with NM.


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