Password Management (U3)

I recently purchased a U3 usb drive (Sandisk U3 cruzer micro). Other than the fact that it is windows only, I am quite happy with it (I tried it on Ubuntu 9.04.. Absolutely nothing happens!.. no mount, no LED light.. nothing..bummer). The drive comes with a password management program called ‘SignupShield’.. Unfortunately, this is a trial program and imposes restrictions (limited number of passwords, reduced functionality etc) after its trial period… Another weird thing about it is that it ‘phones home’ upon startup.

Here is an excellent description of free/opensource password managers:

I finally settled with PasswordSafe. Very convenient and works as expected.

Update 08/02/09

I changed my default password manager to KeePass V 2.08.. (The export/import process was a little tideous.. but totally worth it!) I prefer it to passwordsafe for the following reasons:

  1. Very slick user interface.. Much more polished than passwordsafe and allows icons to be assigned to groups and items. The UI is very customizable as well (Fonts, columns, views etc)
  2. Awesome global auto-type feature. If Keepass is running on the system, it creates a global hook (Ctrl+Alt+A) in Windows. If you type in this key combination in a window that is identified in the keepass database (by title), it automatically types in the username and password!
  3. Multi-user support
  4. Ability to sync to a keepass database on a shared/network drive
  5. Excellent import/export options

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