Removing a Linux installation (dual boot with Vista)

A couple of days ago, I had installed Ubuntu on my computer to see what all the fuss was about. Now that I am done exploring most of the cool themes, effects, compiz/emerald settings etc, I wanted to get rid of it . I was also constantly trying to modify my Ubuntu install to resemble Vista (changing themes, fonts, colors, browser skins etc).  Here are the steps to roll back the Ubuntu install :

Step 1: Removing GRUB

The first step is to remove the “Grand Unified Loader” and put back the vista installer. EasyBCD is a freely available program that makes it a snap. Download the software from here.

Once the install process is complete, Open the application and click on the ‘Manage Bootloader’ button


Next, click on the ‘Write MBR’ button (By default,the ‘Reinstall the Vista Bootloader’ radio is selected)


Thats it! Now, when you restart your computer, Vista boots normally. We now have to deal with removing the partitions that were created during the linux install process (Swap space and Ext3 partitions). 

Step 2: Removing the unwanted partitions and merging them with the Vista partition.

This is easily accomplished using the Disk manager utility provided in Vista. Right click on the ‘Computer’ icon on your desktop and select ‘Manage’


Select ‘Disk Management’ under storage. I have highlighted the partitions occupied by Ubuntu on my computer:


Right click and select ‘Delete Volume’. You may need to do this multiple times until the partition shows up as unallocated space as shown below:


Next, Right click on your vista partition ‘C’ and select ‘Extend Volume’. Congratulations! you have successfully gone back to your pre-linux configuration!


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