Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) on my Gateway GT5628

Last night I ended up installing the most recent version of Ubuntu (64 bit) on my new gateway Quad core computer. For some reason, Neither Ubuntu 8.04 nor 7.10 installed on it (the status bar would just hang at 3%)

Anyways, I think 8.10 is *the* defining version of Ubuntu. It installed effortlessly, did not present any driver issues, and most importantly did not break the suspend or hibernate! It still maintains an incredibly small footprint and is blazing fast. It accomplishes in about 3 GB much more than what Vista and Office do in about 50 GB!

One of the first things I did is to install segoe font. I think the default ubuntu font leaves much to be desired. I’m also not a big fan of the default wallpaper and theme (I have mine set to clear looks glossy with the green earth wallpaper). Ubuntu automatically prompted me to install a restricted driver for my Nvidia card which I did. No problems on my 24 inch DVI screen.



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