The Zend_LDAP module by itself DOES NOT have the ability to do a search and retrieve of data items. This functionality is accomplished by the Zend_Ldap_Ext extension.

You will need to download the three files below(they are still in the test stage, but I tried them and they work as expected)

  1. Ext.php
  2. Helper.php
  3. QueryResult.php

and save them in your Zend/Ldap directory. The directory structure should look like:


Using the framework is quite simple. Here’s how I connect to my ldap server at UF:

$options = array (
‘server1’=> array (
‘bindRequiresDn’ => true,
‘baseDn’=>’ou=People, dc=ufl, dc=edu’,

$ldap = new Zend_Ldap_Ext($options[‘server1’]);
$ldap->bind(); //NOTE: THIS IS REQUIRED

//now, dump all the information relating to the search


If you receive the error "Call to undefined function mb_strtolower()", either you are using an older version of PHP(<4.2) or have not enabled the MultiByte extensions in your php.ini. The function mb_strtolower() requires ‘MultiByte’ extensions.


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