Zend Studio – Turning on Autocomplete for an imported project (Zend Framework)


One of the best benefits of using Zend Studio for your Zend Framework project is getting the autocomplete feature. However, when you import an existing project (using ‘import’->’existing projects into workspace’, the feature does not get turned on.

Here’s how you can get it working:

1. Create a new PHP project


Give the project a name (and a new directory)


On hitting the Next button, you will be prompted for the PHP include path libraries. Select Framework_1_6



Now, a PHP project that is linked to the Zend Framework libraries is created..Right click on the folder and select ‘Import’


Select the ‘File System’ option


Navigate to the folder that contains the files and folders that you want. Check the entire root folder


Voila.. you now will now have autocomplete and tooltip help on all Zend framework components!



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