Windows Vista

Is Windows Vista ‘inspired’ by the Mac OS X? Here are 2 videos with Vista’s presentation but the Mac OS X visuals

I do not have anything against Gates (I honestly owe my livelihood to the man given that more than 70% of my job involves working with MS languages and servers).

FYI, Creative first developed the MP3 Player, XeroX originally developed the GUI and the Mouse as we know it today .. So all you elitist Mac fans out there.. quit worshipping the dude in the black turtleneck!

Anyways Mac only owns about 5% of the OS market.. too miniscule to care about . But it adds variety.. and variety is always good 🙂

BTW, I love Win XP (with all the powertoys installed . I particularly love the Alt-Tab replacement and the Virtual desktop manager).

It will take a lot more than a slick UI to make me switch. But I know that ‘resistance is futile’. MS will resort to forced obsolescence in a period of about 3-4 years and force the entire earth to get on Vista. They did the same with XP and then SP2. They are pretty darn good at it!


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