HTML Help Workshop Woes

HTML Help Workshop Woes

After about an hour of struggling, I finally figured out the reason for a weird printing related error in a .chm (compiled HTML file) file.
When you attempt to print the contents of a .chm file using the ‘Print the selected heading and all subtopics’ option, if it throws a weird system exception and/or memory fault, it is most likely due to your HTML code!

In my case, it was because I had used single quotes in all <img src> statements.. like so
<img src=’images/a.jpg’>

When I replaced all such occurrences with the “correct” HTML syntax, it worked as expected!
<img src=”images/a.jpg”>

Ditto for external HTML references and internal links.

It turns out IE is extremely forgiving when it comes to such minor errors but not HH.exe!



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