Software is magic

Software is magic..It is bounded only by your imagination.. It is among the most high level analytical activities there is .. Think about it.. you juggle with around 80 keywords and about a dozen datatypes and end up with applications that do things as diverse as move an elevator to controlling the motion of a robot on another planet!

I respectfully beg to differ with Nick Carr who created quite a flutter with his paper titled “Does IT matter”… The sheer dynamics of the software industry guarantees that it will not be reduced to the status of a commodity like ‘electricity’. Not anytime soon atleast. The software sector employes the brightest and youngest minds in the world. A guaranteed combination for success !
I look forward to seeing some truly ‘magical’ software during my lifetime .. I may very well be the inventor of the next wave in software technology!

Remember.. Using sound software engineering principles to create code that is optimal, extensible, readable and maintainable requires conscious effort. Anyone can construct a store shed… It however requires tremendous effort to create a ‘Taj Mahal’.


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