New Hard Drive

I got a brand new high capacity hard drive for my home pc – A 160 Gig Hitachi 7200RPM with 8 MB buffer ! I picked it up from best buy..It was marked at 120 bucks with 60$ cash back. What more can I ask for?
I have decided never to get Maxtor harddrives… My previous one was a maxtor and it crashed in about a year. It is devastating to have to rebuild all the stuff that goes into ones pc.. especially with no backup system in place.. C’mon.. home computers really shouldnt require backups!

Well anyways.. I am very happy with my new drive.. absolutely noiseless and FAST!

My primary OS is WinXP with SP2… It is one of the few os’es out there that can actually ‘see’ partitions beyond 130Gig.

Here’s how I setup my partitions:

1. A 1 GB dedicated swap space (I am a true Geek!)
2. 20 GIG for windows files (Well.. at the rate at which patches are being downloaded, it may very well be required!)
3. The rest I left wide open for data.

Most folks create a lot of logical partitions to keep their content organized.. but I believe using folders is plenty efficient.
I created the following folders on my data partition(I’m sure there will be a lot more in the future)
>Program Files
>My Downloads
>My Music
>My Video
Remember that you have to make a conscious effort to stay organized.. put your files where they belong.. it is very easy to end up with a sea of files esp on a 160 gig drive!

Now, for the software that I installed
1. Office 2k (ofcourse).. An absolute necessity
2. Nero .. to help me burn cds
3. Adobe 5.. You know what I realised.. Adobe has a 100% desktop presence !!
4. Visual studio.NET+MSDN… Require it for my programming
5. Virtual Daemon manager.. I’ve been a fan of this compact piece of code that helps me ‘mount’ downloaded .iso files .. very handy.
6. MySQLCC and MyODBC.



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