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Went to the ‘Ravi Shankar’ and ‘Anoushka Shankar’ concert at thePhillips Center for Performing arts (Gainesville, Fl). It was my first live ‘Sitar’ experince.. Well worth it. Sitar by itself is kinda slow for me.. but the tabla by Tanmay Bose put the missing beats in! Well, the house was packed and everyone enjoyed the performance.

You know.. if I were in India and a Ravi Shankar concert were next door AND the tickets were free, I dont think I would have gone! Being a foreigner in the US makes you appreciate the things that are taken for granted back at home!

Anyhoo, it turns out the virtuoso was quite ‘wild’ in his ‘heydays’ if you know what I mean! I read he is quite the ‘charmer’. He is the father of Anoushka and Norah jones.. both born in different countries (Norah in NY and Anoushka in England) to different mothers and they are 1 year apart.. How he pulled that off and still has the support of his daughters is pretty darn intriguing.


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